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Yoga and Martial Arts Drop in = $16

Dance and Acro Yoga Drop in = $20

Yearly Unlimited Yoga Classes – $80 a month

Auto Renewal happens once a month on the date you sign up. Just give 30 days notice to cancel. 

School Teacher Discount for the yearly unlimited pass – $60 a month!!!!

Veterans Discount for the yearly unlimited pass – $70 a month!!!

Combined Yoga and DANCE membership: $99 a month!!

Unlimited Week for Tourists: $30!

Ask about our new student specials****

Yoga Class Packs:

5 class pack = $70 ($14 a class)

10 class pack = $130 ($13 a class)

20 class pack = $230  ($11.50 a class)

Prenatal & Mommy and Me: 6 Week Series:$90

Dance 6 Week Series: $90

Acro Yoga 6 Week Series: $99

Martial Arts Series: 4 classes a month (once a week) $49 a month

Martial Arts Unlimited: $79 a month

Class Types:

Vinyasa Flow: Coordinating movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next, this class is ideal for intermediate and advanced practitioners. Often a challenging heat building class with standing poses, flowing sequences, quick changes, and deep stretching. Feel free to take this class even if you’re not advanced, as the teacher will offer modifications.


Gentle Flow: Take it slow and let it go. Anyone with aches and pains, a physically demanding job, or an active life style could benefit from this class. The first half will use gentle flowing postures to help warm and activate the body, the second half will involve deep stretching and holding poses to penetrate into the belly of the muscles. This is great for seniors and beginners, but open to all. Stretched out muscles allow for better performance as well as reducing the risk of injury, not to mention you will feel all blissed out after.


Yin Yoga: This deeply relaxing and meditative class consists of holding specific poses on the floor for 45 seconds to 3 minutes. The purpose is to release pain and tension in muscles and fascia, in addition to allowing improving circulation and inducing a meditative state. This is hands down one of our best classes. Everyone needs a little yin!


Relax and Renew: This is the ideal, ideal class for anyone new to yoga, or anyone that has stiffness in the body and restlessness of the mind. Go within to really feel the sensations throughout your body as we gently move and then release into restorative poses to help reprogram the mind/body connection, relaxing your muscles and renewing your range of motion. We use plenty of props to help ease you into poses and help you to allow the mind to escape.


Buti: A soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, and deep abdominal toning. This all-in-one movement method tones and sculpts the body while facilitating complete inner transformation.


Happy Back: Class focuses on stabilizing, strengthening, and lengthening muscles in the body that are often culprits of back pain. Perfect for athletes, those recovering from injury, or anyone who often sits for many hours throughout the day. Slower-paced class utilizing Yoga Therapy techniques. Students are given the opportunity to tune in to what is happening inside the body as they go through different alignment-based poses, often held for longer amounts of time.


Prenatal Yoga: Ladies, we know you need this. Our teacher has been there and done it, twice! Let Kristian guide you through special poses and modifications so that you’re comfortable and able to enjoy yoga and get rid of that back pain!


Mommy and Me: This is a fun class encouraging kids to take a moment to focus on the breath! Yes, there will be running and playing too, but we can get kids doing yoga poses, and you can learn tools to take home! All good to come in with your infant! We have plenty of stretches you can do with baby! Join us for this fun family day! Dads are of course welcome too!


Muay Thai Fundamentals and Conditioning: HAVE FUN – GET FIT – LEARN SELF DEFENSE
Our philosophy to encourage each individual to explore and find what works best for themselves. What works for one practitioner does not always work for another. Only through practice and discovery will we find the best survival skills for ourselves. Conditioning is paramount in all classes as we believe you are more likely to be attacked by diabetes and obesity than a would be attacker. To train as a warrior is ancient but applicable to all aspects of modern life. (Run through our studio by: Vault Academy.)


Pound: Sweat, sculpt, rock. It’s a cardio jam session inspired by energizing, infectious, sweat dripping fun of playing the drums.


Sufi: Sufi yoga begins with an assessment of the body and awareness of agility through yogic practices [asanas or the steady pose], which release energy. Once released, this energy needs to be organized and directed, otherwise it may agitate the mind and make it restless. Sufi practices like focusing on breath, using the power of sound [voice] and spontaneous movements help channel this energy. They help activate the heart and direct emotions toward a higher purpose.


Acro Yoga Fundamentals: Crazy acrobatic moves are not just for the circus anymore. AcroYoga blends acrobatic technique with yogic sensibility. Every AcroYoga pose should have at least three people: A base, flyer and spotter. The base is at the bottom, while the flyer is on top. It’s the spotter’s job to guide the base and the flyer to safely mount and talk through the different movements. No partner required to attend this beginner friendly class, although you will be working with a partner or two! This course will also help you improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and communication skills.


Acro Dance Lifts and Tricks:  This course combines dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It uses unique choreography, artistry, and athleticism which blend together to create a unique and fun art form. Acro classes consist of warm-ups, balance work, body control and partner skills. No partner required to attend this beginner friendly class, although you will be working with a partner or two! This course will also help you improve strength, coordination and communication skills.


Belly Dancing: The inspiration for belly dance is to celebrate life and movement through music and dance. The classes will uplift the spirit, inspire confidence, create physical and universal awareness, and enhance self-knowledge. No previous dance experience necessary.