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Drop-in Class for only $14

Yearly Unlimited – $80 a month

Auto Renewal happens once a month on the date you sign up. Just give 30 days notice to cancel. 

School Teacher Discount for the yearly unlimited pass – $60 a month!!!!

Veterans Discount for the yearly unlimited pass – $75 a month!!!

Class Packs:

5 class pack = $65 ($13 a class)

10 class pack = $120 ($12 a class)

20 class pack = $200  ($10 a class)

Yoga Ignite OR Yoga Strong

  • Both classes are challenging Vinyasa flows,
  • Yoga ignite uses more movement and is more physically demanding, burning more calories and earning more sweat!
  • Yoga strong holds poses longer and is more technically challenging as the poses include more arm balancing and inversions. 
  • Both classes are heated to 78 degrees​.

Other Awesome Classes

Yoga Recovery: Level 1

Can’t touch your toes? Maybe your weight has prevented you from starting a workout routine? Nursing an injury? Or just want to cultivate some inner peace and serenity? All great reasons to take Yoga Recovery! This gentle hatha class is perfect for an athlete on their day off. Open and stretch the body to recover from a long week of surfing, running, crossfit or hitting the gym. The slow pace and focus on breath make this class perfect for stress reduction especially for those in addiction recovery or those of suffer from PTSD.

Recovery Flow – Athlete’s Day Off: All Levels, beginners welcome! This gentle flow class focuses specifically on tight places such as shoulders, back, hamstrings and glutes. Specifically designed for surfers and runners but anyone with a physically demanding job or an active life style could benefit from this class, as well as someone looking for a mellow way to relax and enjoy a gentle moving meditation.

Cardi-Yoga: T/TH @10:15am All Levels Cardi-Yoga is a High Intensity Interval Training class designed to increase metabolic rate to create a leaner, healthier you. This is still very much a mindful yoga class and not just another bootcamp. We use yogic principles to keep your mind centered in order to focus on reaching your fitness goals. This class is split into three sections. You will spend about 20 minutes warming the body with dynamic vinyasa yoga, another 20 minutes building strength with body weight exercises such and crunches and squats along with sprint intervals such as high knees and jumping jacks. The last 20 minutes is devoted to deep stretching and setting goals for your week. (Yes, you will talk in this class, but you can always opt out.) This is a high intensity class! Expect to earn your sweat. If you’re ready to take your body to the next level join Melanie for this challenging workout. Not recommended for those with chronic or recent injuries. You can go at your pace so all fitness levels are welcome!

Glowga: All Levels Vinyasa Dance Fusion Yoga. Offered the 4th Sunday of each month, $10 suggested donation for non-members. DJ lights, fun beets, glow in the dark body paint. ​

Meditation: Guided Mediation Class Offered the 3rd Sunday of each month. For those interested in self-realization ​

Acu-Yoga: Level 1: This gentle restorative class has 45 minutes of yoga and 45 minutes of acupuncture by board certified acupuncturist. Sound healing completes the TRI-experience for ultimate relaxation!